Your Guide to Better Pre-Accounting in 2019

Wondering where all your time goes, even before you get to typing in receipts? Take your time back - get the Complete Guide to Paperless Pre-Accounting!

by Receipt Bank

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Why Paperless Pre-Accounting?

There’s no denying that pre-accounting is often a burden that nobody enjoys. By taking pre-accounting paperless, your company can leverage digital tools to streamline the process. In this powerful eBook you will learn:

Why taking pre-accounting paperless is the #1 time saver you're missing out on

What real accountants and bookkeepers are using for pre-accounting best practices

How you can implement these tips and tricks to save hours of time, every single week

"We've reduced something that used to take 28 hours to 6-10 hours. During end of year we're saving 50% of our time compared to before."

Robert Marjoram

Together Accounting

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Inside you'll find case studies, actionable tips, and real experiences from accountants and bookkeepers. 


Paper Problem

For centuries, this process has been driven by paper, but in today’s digital world there’s an increasing benefit to ditching the paperwork and taking the workflow digital.

Technology for Today

and Tomorrow

The technology used to perform pre-accounting tasks is constantly evolving. Firms and business owners alike must remain committed to evolving alongside it.

The Case for a

Digital Process

Digitising workflows gives you the opportunity to focus on what really matters to your company. Use technology to overhaul your systems and drive success.

Developing Your

Paperless Plan

Traditional pre-accounting holds back your ability to find, work with, and manage key financial data. To change this, focus on 3 areas: Digitise, Automate, and Manage.

Incredible ways to save time, grow your practice, and make more money

The ultimate pre-accounting ebook in the industry!

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Receipt Bank is the #1 pre-accounting tool used by over 35,000 accountants and bookkeepers worldwide. Our award-winning AI and automation technologies allows you to spend less time on manual tasks and more time focused on what matters most to you - growing your business, adding value for your clients, or simply working fewer hours during tax season.

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